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My Trip To Pula

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Why Is Dubrovnik So Special?

Article about Dubrovnik and why it is so special.

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My Trip to Dalmatia

This is an overview of the trip I had recently in Croatia

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Natural beauty of Belgrade- Top 5 Attractions

Are you visiting Belgrade for a short time and wondering whether its attractions are worth seeing? If yes, you should not fret since Belgrade city has some of the best attractions that make it beautiful. This city is famous for its historical and cultural attractions. You will see some of the most popular places both modern and traditional that has made the city the most beautiful in the world. These amazing attractions are ideal photo opportunities and memorable remembrances. Here are the top 5 beautiful attractions in Belgrade

1. Mikser house

Located in Sava Mala area, Mikser house is a unique place found in old Belgrade. This house is not only beautiful but is also a place where almost everything takes place. It has an urban boutique, workshop, and embodiment of a completely unique society and the best place for most concerts and entertaining events. In this place, you can also share positive vibrations and love and admire its friendly environment. It’s one of the places that you can confidently call home.

2. Belgrade Fortress

Situated behind Sava River and picturesque Danube, Belgrade Fortressis one of the most important cultural places in the city. If you are looking for cultural and sporting events, then this is the epicenter of all of them. With a great view of the Sava Rivers and Danube, it’s an absolutely magical place that is worth visiting. More so, it’s believed to be the city’s source of happiness since it symbolizes happiness, strength, and resilience. Visit it today and enjoy its amazing beauty.

3. Skadarlija Street

This street was known as the place for Bohemians. It hosted journalists, artists, musicians and writers that were visiting Skadarlija to sample tavern atmosphere and the best drinks. Here, they could also converse about the local events and politics. Nowadays, it attracts young people who want to experience Belgrade and enjoy its live old town bands. Besides, it’s popular for its traditional Belgrade taverns and restaurants making it the place where the true history of Belgrade can be felt. In short, Skadarlija is a place that is second to none.

4. Belgrade clubs

According to most tourists, this is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. It is a place where you can have fun and enjoyable incredible parties. Belgrade has many open-air clubs that will give you the best nightlife experience, especially during summer. You can visit these places from May to September when they are open. However, there are also some few ones that are opened during winter meaning regardless of the season, you can still enjoy your stay in the city. Since they are Belgrade’s top attractions you should not skip them during your visit.

5. Republic square

If you are a young person, then the best place to visit is Republic Square. You can simply walk around the place or use it as a place for meeting friends if you do not know the city very well, then you will realize that republic square is the starting point of the towns excursion.

Well, those are some of the top 5 beautiful places to visit in Belgrade. The amazing thing about it is that accommodation in Belgrade is easily accessible and you can find some cheap but good places to rent. When you visit Belgrade, do not forget to sample some of its natural beauties.

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Is Sibenik a True Gem In Croatia?

If your definition of ideal life includes great food, laid back life, abundant natural beauty with exquisite sun rise and sun sets; then Sibenik should surely top your Croatia travel bucket list. Although larger cities such as Dubrovnik and Zagreb have been the main tourist attraction in Croatia for long; Sibenik has caught the attention of tourists of late.


The slow paced old town on the Dalmatiam coast offers you a glimpse of unhurried life where time has stood still amidst the ancient architecture, lip-smacking food and exquisite sea fronts. Away from the hustle bustle of the busy cities, Sibenik is the perfect sanctuary for people looking for some peace and clam in life.


Some of the must do activities in Sibenik are listed below:



 This is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when visiting any new place. Sightseeing in Sibenik is an exciting experience for anyone interested in old architecture and natural beauty. The Cathedral of Saint James is a must visit destination here. The Cathedral presents a wonderful mix of Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles. A UNESCO National heritage site, the Cathedral features many exquisite sculptures in its exterior as well as interior walls. Apart from the Cathedral, you can also visit The Fortress of St Michael. Constructed in 11th Century, much of the Fortress is in ruins today. However, you can climb the towers to get a sprawling view of the beautiful old town. The Medieval Garden of St Lawrence Monastery and St Ana’s Cemetery are also popular tourists attractions.


Sunbathing on the beach: 

Although Sibenik is a coastal town, until recently the town had no public beach. The opening of Banj Beach changed that for good! The public beach is more of a playscape with a pebble beach, volleyball court, food joints and bars. The beach is located at the juncture where the river Krkameets the Adriatic. You can spend a day playing volleyball and taking refreshing dips in the water here. In case you have no interest in getting splashed, you can enjoy a relaxing day of sunbathing while sipping your favorite drinks and enjoying the views.


Lip smacking food: 

If you love to eat, you would never want to leave Sibenik. The town simply keeps you hooked with yummilicious food. The original Sibenik dishes are delicious here. Be it sea food, vegetable, fruits, coffee or sweet dishes; you simply cannot get enough of the flavorful spread here.


While the city does not offer the blood pumping nightlife of big cities or thousands of sightseeing options; the main attraction of Sibenik remains in its otherworldly charms and slow paced life. That is the only reason why globe trotters from around the world not only look at Sibenik as a tourist destination, but also as a place they want to call home. The charming little town has seen a booming growth in Croatia real estate as more and more global citizens are interested to own a house in this oasis of peace and natural beauty. On the other hand, many people from various parts of Croatia are settling down in Sibenik in search of tourism based livelihood as well.


Although the Croatian coast have many pristine towns and cities, Sibenik stands apart for not only the natural beauty or ancient history; but for the unhurried way of life and the overall cultural outlook of the town.


In conclusion it can be rightly said that Sibenik is a true gem of Croatia and a visit to this tiny costal country is not at all complete without a visit to Sibenik.

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