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My Trip To Pula

24/08/2016 | | 0 Comment |

My Trip To Pula

The Amphitheater 

My trip to Pula was more fun than I thought it would be. It was my first time in Pula and I wasn’t disappointed. I asked a couple of questions about Pula before deciding for the trip, and I found out that all the great things I was told weren’t exaggerated. In fact, some were even understated. My experience in Pula gave me an interesting new view of the European continent. Pula is home to one of Europe’s most memorable historic monuments – a Roman coliseum similar to the ones in Italy. This historic structure, which is the sixth largest of its kind in the world, occupies a central position in the city and can be seen from various locations. 

Pula has evidence of a notable Roman influence and holds memories of the ancient adventures in Roman history. I couldn’t help thinking of all the 26,000 or more viewers who once sat in that arena to watch the gladiators and the animals fighting, a very long time ago. There are lots of tunnels and chambers underground where the gladiators and animals were kept to await their combats. Just going through them, I was overwhelmed by a thrilling sense of adventure.

Around the arena, there are lots of cafes, shops, and restaurants that offer a variety of goods and services that a regular tourist could use.

The Twin Gate

Close to the amphitheater, I found the historic city gates that were built in the second century AD. They’re known as the Twin Gate. That’s because they're made of two gates that stand by each other. There have been speculations that the two gates were needed to ease the flow of the influx of spectators into the city during gladiator fights and other major events.

The Lighting Giants

In Pula, there’s a form of entertainment called the “Lighting Giants.” It’s one of the most amazing sights I saw in Pula. It’s an unusual display of lights along the waterfront of Pula. Thousands of lights are connected to a remote controlled device and are illuminated sequentially to synchronize with music.

Strolls Along the Waterfront

Pula’s small population of about 60,000 people makes it a place to escape to from all the hullabaloo of a regular, congested city life. It was a refreshing experience to take a stroll around and relish the surrounding peace and beauty of Pula’s waterfront. I took a walk along the marina to watch the boats as they bobbed in the clear, calm water. I watched the beautiful horizon during the sunsets in the evenings, and I made sure to have deep breaths of the clean, fresh sea air. Tourists are very fond of Pula. Consequently, it gets pretty busy during tourist season – the holidays. So the best time to have the most of it would be at a less busy time.

Sailing in Pula

I went sailing in Pula and I’ll take that memory with me for all time. Pula’s coastline, which is about 190 kilometers, was too tempting for me not to go sailing. The sea was as clear as crystal and the beach was a great resort for recreation. We sailed to the Istrian coast and the Brioni Islands. We sailed to the other marinas close to Pula and visited a new town and a new swimming cove each day on our luxury yacht. I made new friends who shared in my adventurous spirit, and together we had a worry-free exploration of Pula and its surroundings. We tried new cuisines, let our eyes feast on some of the most picturesque views ever, and I remember laughing a lot. It is easy to sail here as there are numerous people here on their sailing holidays in Croatia so it is certain that you will get the best and proper care here if you decide to sail. Our skippers were very efficient and friendly. They catered to our needs very impressively well.



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