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Why Is Dubrovnik So Special?

22/11/2016 | dubrovnik | 0 Comment |

Why Is Dubrovnik So Special?

Croatia is a favorite holiday destination for many travelers. The country has amazing beaches, several historical sites and a wonderful climate for most parts of the year. Many tourists travel to Croatia not just for the sun and sand but also for the beautiful experiences that the country offers. It shouldn't, therefore, be surprising that Dubrovnik is considered a special town by many visitors who come to the country. It is fondly referred to as the ''Pearl of the Adriatic". But what makes it so unique compared to the other tourist destinations in Croatia?

Medieval Wall 

For a lot of travelers, the best thing about Dubrovnik is the medieval city wall. The wall makes it possible to soak in the scenic beauty of the city as one takes a leisurely walk above the town. It creates an aura of invincibility as you view many parts of Dubrovnik and interact with hundreds of years of history. The opportunity to experience something so profound is one of the reasons why the town is special to many travelers. It is indeed the Pearl of the Adriatic. Walking around the fortified wall will have you looking at red rooftops at some point then shift your view to the majestic sea when you change direction.

Beautiful Beaches

Who doesn't cherish some sun and sand when on vacation? Dubrovnik has some beautiful beaches such as Copacabana and Lapad. They provide ideal places for relaxation and fun. This town's beaches are so praised because they overlook the crystal clear sea water and enjoy good weather for the most parts of the year. According to the European Union sea-grading criteria, Dubrovnik has high-quality sea. The country has always marketed its sea destinations by using the tag line "the Mediterranean as it once was". The quality of the sea water has always proved to be a valid justification. The serene beach environment and the cool sea breeze make visiting the beach an important part of vacationing Dubrovnik. If you want to have a magical experience, the town's beaches will give you exactly that. 

Game of Thrones Tours

The Game of Thrones series has been a hit with many people around the world. Every year fans around the world wait for the release of a new season. Did you know that some scenes of this amazing show were shot in Croatia, Dubrovnik to be specific? Given the historical setting of the storyline, Dubrovnik, an old town itself with ancient sites, provides the ideal filming location. Visitors have the unique experience of being given Game of Thrones Tours in Dubrovnik when they visit the town. One can see King's Landing, which according to the book and the series, is the Seven Kingdom's capital. Some interesting places to visit include Littlefinger's brothel, the scene for the walk of shame, the Red Keep, and the House of the Undying. Visitors can also get to interact with extras from the set. The experienced tour guides will make your visit memorable. 

Dubrovnik is also considered special because of the cuisines, robust nightlife and a tourism and hospitality industry that has good infrastructure and provides excellent services. You have to visit the town to discover its beauty truly.

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